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Fashion Designing as an Art

Feb 25 2019

When we say fashion, we visualize the things that can be seen like tattoo, clothes, footwear, lifestyle, makeup, accessories, hairstyle & body but along with the materialistic side of fashion we must know that the things which can’t be seen, which are ultimate human resource that plays the most vital role in fashion; like the way you talk, the way you think, right mindset, ability to see things in a right way. Talking, influencing the society, creative & positive thinking are arts, like hearing is a sensation & listening is an art. First it develops within.

Fashion is an art; it is the way of expressing a feeling, a culture, a religion, a region, a community, a thought, creativity, a way of lifestyle. Say feelings, I would love to take example of the band “Indian ocean”, specifically the singer “Rahul Ram”, when you look at him, his dressing speaks for him, it convey some sort of message, long beard with long hair, raw silk kurtas with colored head gear. He is very fond of Indian textiles, like Varanasi brocades, Ikat from Odisa & silks from Bhagalpur. His carries a very blend style, a proper mix & match of art & tradition. Hence we are talking about fashion; we can also consider his style as Indo western if we mix clothes with instruments.

Martial arts, most of the martial arts styles originated in the land of Japan, China, Korea, India etc., if we take karate, one of most popular martial arts in the world as an example, every practitioner must wear karate uniform which is more or less made up of standard cotton or standard canvas depend upon the intensity of the style. So they wear it not just because of karate but its a Japanese tradition, it’s a traditional wear; mostly white colored loose clothe with kimono kind of sleeves with certain warrior kind of silhouettes & shapes. It does represent the Japanese tradition & its culture, its history & its change, martial arts itself an art along with it artistic sense of clothing.

Fashion in lifestyle, Indian & world tribe plays a major role in today’s “tattoo” world as “tribal tattoo ”. Most of the tattoos are purely based on their cast, community, culture, social status. Some are even used for medicine purpose. It has history over thousand years & tattoos are one of the most trending in today’s world. Some tattoos are representation of traditional god & goddesses, some of them are messages, few of them are words conveying some message.

Fashion has been an art since a long back; there are evidences of people’s artistic approaches towards their lifestyle, art was there in every blood & brain.

Fashion is an artistic revolution for all time.