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Fashion Design

Take your qualifications to the next level

Get a super specialization program in Fashion Design only at INIFD Saltlake Kolkata for a creative career.

The boom in the fashion industry is hard to deny. It is more than $35 billion industry, growing in leaps and bounds at 9% each year. It’s important therefore to grab the bull by the horns and be proactive right from the beginning. It’s important to take initiative because nothing in this world of fashion would be handed to you.

It is a two year practice based and industry focused program, which prepare students for the challenges in design and fashion industry.

This pioneering new program will challenge the students to explore fashion in context through the intersection if theory and practice, positioning them to shape a future in fashion that is innovative and interdisciplinary. It will also offer unique opportunities to transform concepts into tangible products, services and experiences.

The main formative objective of the super specialization program in Fashion Design is therefore to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the fashion sector  in all of its aspects, through an integrated approach between creative, cultural, productive marketing and communication aspects

Take your step for a higher qualification, name and fame.

Opt for the Super Specialization Program in Fashion Design at INIFD, Saltlake Kolkata