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How Should You Decorate A Small Space?

Oct 07 2021

Urbanization has led to dense population in cities that has in turn led to shrinking of places. Families are mostly nuclear in here and hence they look for small and cozy houses that consist of all the basic amenities. Decorating a small space efficiently is always a much difficult task than decorating a big space because with small spaces you generally face a problem of cramming and yet you need to make sure that they are aesthetically pleasing to the owners. The interior designer needs to make sure that the space does not feel chaotic and cluttered and it displays the personality of the owner.

Some ideas to beautifully decorate your space are:

  1. Folding and portable pieces- It is always advisable to install furniture that can be folded up when not in use. Like folding kitchen cabinet, dining table.
  1. Lighting is the USP- It is expected that a small space will probably have few or no windows. It is very important to focus on lighting. This will help making up for the sunlight, you can install lights in your ceiling to enhance the look.
  1. Color Palette- When designing a small space it is always advised to stick to a limited color palette. It can either be dark, light or dreamy. It is very important to make sure that everything fits in properly.
  1. Less is more- It is always advised to not cram up the space and stick to minimalism when it comes to decorating small space. Get rid of anything that is not used on a daily basis.
  1. Use Plants & Flowers- Plants and flowers like snake plants, dracaena and lavender would add freshness to your house instantly.
  1. High Ceilings- If you have small floor space then you can try to even that by high ceilings and take advantage of that vertical space.
  1. Use of mirrors- Your lack of windows can be evened out by putting in considerable number of mirrors in your house this will reflect the light and make your house seem brighter.
  1. Cleanliness is the key- Small spaces can look cluttered and untidy very easily it is very important to maintain a decent space between the furniture and keep the house clean.
  1. Draw the eyes- It is important that you install some statement pieces in your house that will draw the attention. For example- a small chandelier, an antique wall clock or paintings.
  1. Utilize each storage- It is important to make sure that no nook and corner go empty, an interior designer should make sure that the storage serves its purpose as well as looks stylish.

Changing times and shrinking spaces require you to understand the optimum utilization of spaces. INIFD Saltlake will help you solve this mystery that revolves around managing small spaces properly and help you understand that small spaces have just as much potential as their counterparts.