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How to update your Fashion Design Knowledge and Skills?

Nov 24 2021

Fashion Designing is one of the leading industries of this era. This is a sector that is going to outshine all the other sectors in the coming times. If you are creative and designing is your passion then you can very easily find yourself amidst the most glamorous and lucrative industry in the world. As a fashion designing aspirant your motto should be to constantly upgrade yourself, this is exactly why premier fashion designing institutes like INIFD Saltlake, believe in keeping their students ahead of time by providing them with the state of the art facilities and stellar mentorship.

Along with a good fashion designing institute that provides you with 100% placement assistance, you also need to work on yourself constantly to be at the apex of the industry, some skills that can come in handy in your fashion designing career are:

  • USP- USP refers to knowing your “unique selling points”. Every designing aspirant must be fully aware of his/her own skills, they should spend their time knowing about the industry and the acquiring skill that gives them an edge over others. The aspirant must focus on building a career that best compliments their skills.
  • ENHANCE THE DRAWING SKILLS- The most important thing for every designing aspirant is knowledge of drawing and sketching. Before enrolling in an A++ institute like INIFD Saltlake, a designer should practice sketching and enhance their drawing skills regularly. All the assignments they will get during the course will mostly include drawing and sketching.
  • AUGMENT YOUR CONFIDENCE & COMMUNICATION SKILLS- It is very important for a designer to have strong communication skills. Their work might make them interact with many clients to understand their requirements and to convince them about various designs. A designing aspirant can work on their communication skills and confidence by watching public speaking videos.
  • NETWORKING IS THE KEY- One of the best ways to make a breakthrough in this career is by making constant contacts. Good networking can open up big and useful opportunities, besides having contacts in the industry can also help you understand the fashion sector well and gain you experience.
  • FABRIC & MATERIALS- India is a cultural hub apart from that it is among the largest producer of textiles and apparel. It is the second-largest producer of Silk and the third-largest producer of Cotton. A designing aspirant should utilize these bounty resources and learn about them before enrolling in a course, this will not only give them experience but also strong visualization skills.
  • KNOWLEDGE ABOUT DESIGNERS- If you are passionate about something then it is expected that you will have an active interest in the works and careers of all the prominent figures in that sector. Fashion is one of the most glamorous areas it is very hard not to have any knowledge about famous designers. A potential designer should study and take inspiration from these designers.

It is always recommended to enroll yourself into a good Fashion Institute, an institute that focuses on teaching you skills that will help you in the industry just like INIFD Saltlake, and the institute promises to provide you with ace mentors and will arrange for the best internships to hone your fashion designing career.