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Make Your Wardrobe A Bit More Sustainable!

Jun 02 2021

Fashion comes with different layers and aspects. Sustainability in fashion is quite important. Sustainable fashion is something that is eco-friendly, environment friendly. Sustainable fashion is something that is designed, manufactured, and used in environment-friendly ways.

These days, the fashion industry is not sustainable, fashion nowadays focuses more on quantity than quality. Fashion industries are into producing more clothing with cheap products to make them consumed with cheap prices, as buying more cheap cloth just for wearing few times what people are into these days. But unknowingly we all are not doing justice to the environment and to ourselves as well. To change such a scenario, all of us need to be a bit more careful and follow some little tips and tricks to be a bit more sustainable.

How to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe?

Focus on Quality:

Source: Delta Marketing group

Do not rush for quantity. Save and invest on quality products. Instead of buying 4-5 clothing, invest on 1 which is made of environmental friendly products which is good for the environment as well as yourself.

Do not Wash too Often:

Source: MasterClass

Another way to make it sustainable is not washing too often. It saves the life of your clothing also saves water. Some clothing like jeans even changes their look after getting washed. Try not to wash clothes like jeans, cardigans more often if it feels good after wearing.

Repair instead of Buying:

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Instead of buying a new one, repair your clothing if something breaks or a clothing piece gets ripped.

Reuse Old Clothing:

Source: i Creative Ideas

Instead of throwing away an old piece of cloth, make something out of it. DIY a bag out of t-shirt, add some patchworks to your old boring jackets or revamp your sandals using some easily available craft items and a bit of your creativity.

Follow some easy hacks and try to make your wardrobe a bit more sustainable for the sake of yourself and the world.