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Sep 28 2021

Have you ever been to a place and you just couldn’t look away? You wished to decorate your own space the exact way, which is where Interior designers come into play. Interior designing can be easily defined as an art that includes making your house a comfortable place to live in by adding various interior decorations in the form of patterns, designs, colors, gradients. Interior designers definitely need to follow a set of rules and guidelines but conceptually their work is extremely versatile and subjective and is mostly controlled by the creativity and imagination of the designer.

It is very important for all aspiring interior designers to be aware of the current trends and the acronyms and jargon. The first step of being a designer is developing a habit of keeping yourself up to date. They must have extensive knowledge about the field and know how to apply that in their profession.

Some Urban Age interior designing trends are:

  • Abstract- This interior design is based on color, patterns, lines, shapes, and gradients that will enhance your walls and furniture. It consists of a mixture of modern, retro, and minimalism.
  • Sculptural Furniture- This form of furniture has been made thinking about the shrinking space. All the cabinets of sculptural furniture are functional, they emanate art and creative brilliance.
  • Minimalism- The motive of this style is to bring out the originality and the essential quality of the interior design. All the embellishments are reduced to a minimum.
  • Neutrals- Neutrals usually consist of beige, ivory, and taupe, black, gray, and shades that are devoid of color. You can use the neutral as a subtle background and layer it with strong colors.
  • Terazzo- Terazzo flooring originated around 16th century Italy. Terrazzos were used to describe the floors of early Neolithic buildings. This is a composite material of early Neolithic buildings.
  • Dark Colors- The best part about dark colors in your interior is, you can put up any decorations against these. Apart from this dark colors will instantly add drama to your room.
  • Maximalism- They are a go big or go home kind of style. Maximalism is composed of patterns and loud colors. It does not promote hoarding rooms or cramming the space but it promotes a style that uses repetitions, bold colors, and patterns.

It is very important for all aspiring interior designers to choose a course that keeps them running with time. INIFD Saltlake will make sure that you turn out to be the best in your field and grow an eye for innovation and changing times.