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Feb 17 2022

INIFD Saltlake has always set its benchmark in various competitions. The students of INIFD Saltlake have been winning the LAKME FASHION WEEK, LAUNCHPAD for 3 consecutive years. We express our “HEARTFELT THANKS” to all of the hardworking students who had been using their own skills, creative imagination and talent to experience this great achievement.

An achievement is the desire that one loves to have for. It is goal that we struggle a lot and put our blood, sweat and tears to achieve. The achievements in one’s personal or professional life are the true identity of that individual’s success, passion and struggle. However, it is not easy to achieve something. It takes a lot of time, hard work, consistency and passion to achieve something in life.

However, as the setbacks and failures make one bold, the success and achievement make them proud as well. Students of INIFD Saltlake have proved that if a person is truly passionate about something, they can gain success and achievement. Nothing can stop them from experiencing to see the face of success and achievement for their goal is fixed and they are completely focused on it.

The students of INIFD Saltlake have been winning LAKME FASHION WEEK, LAUNCHPAD for 3 consecutive years, which proves their passion, hard work, thirst for success and a mentality to achieve things that they desire for in their lives. They are really passionate about the art of fashion designing and they love what they are learning. Moreover, this proves how love and passion for something can get us to. One gets to see the things that are quite astonishing to them. And the thing that makes them prouder is, this is a result of their hard work, consistency and passion for the thing that they are learning.

We express our ‘best wishes’ to the students of INIFD Saltlake for experiencing such an amazing achievement. It is a well deserved result of their hard work and passion for Fashion Designing.