The Blog was Posted on Jun 01 2022 by somnath
Interior designing is the art of putting thoughts, creativity, skills and ideas into a specific theme that is later used to design the interior of a building to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Nowadays, a majority of people are quite familiar with the concept of minimalism. The concept of minimalism usually involves converting the upgraded version of certain things to their simplest or most b...
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INIFD Saltlake Students Showcasing Garments At New york Fashion Week 2022

The Blog was Posted on Mar 31 2022 by somnath
INIFD Saltlake has always set its standard in many ways. From domestic to global, they have always chosen the best of the best for their aspirants. Our elite students showcased their exclusive ‘HAUTE COUTURE’ in NEWYORK FASHION WEEK. We wholeheartedly congratulate our students for bringing another feather in the cap. After choosing the right courses, they have enhanced their skills. While l...
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The Blog was Posted on Feb 17 2022 by somnath
INIFD Saltlake has always set its benchmark in various competitions. The students of INIFD Saltlake have been winning the LAKME FASHION WEEK, LAUNCHPAD for 3 consecutive years. We express our “HEARTFELT THANKS” to all of the hardworking students who had been using their own skills, creative imagination and talent to experience this great achievement. An achievement is the desire that one lo...
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Fashion Trends of 2022

The Blog was Posted on Jan 10 2022 by somnath
2022 is here! So is new style trends. Despite being locked in pandemic, there is no hard and fast rule to not get dolled up. Even while laying around in home, we need to keep up with new things. There is a common saying that goes like, ‘New Year, New Me’ so is ‘New Year, New trends’. As we know, it’s been a bumpy road for all of us due to global lockdown, bust rest assured, 2022 style tr...
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How to update your Fashion Design Knowledge and Skills?

The Blog was Posted on Nov 24 2021 by somnath
Fashion Designing is one of the leading industries of this era. This is a sector that is going to outshine all the other sectors in the coming times. If you are creative and designing is your passion then you can very easily find yourself amidst the most glamorous and lucrative industry in the world. As a fashion designing aspirant your motto should be to constantly upgrade yourself, this is exact...
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Why Do We Need Fashion Design Institutes?

The Blog was Posted on Nov 11 2021 by somnath
Fashion designing as a career can be very exciting but when thought extensively can bring with itself a lot of questions. There are plenty of information about fashion on the internet but to rely on them blindly without a proper guidance would mean taking a risk on your career which can prove itself to be very fatal. When you consider taking fashion designing as your career, you might encounter a ...
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The Top Basics every Wardrobe needs

The Blog was Posted on Oct 21 2021 by somnath
No matter how diverse your wardrobe is you will still need some basics that you can mix and match with other clothes to create something new, it gives you a scope to experiment with your look. You may choose to dress up simple, the basics will always save your day. You should always invest your money in clothes that you can wear on a routine basis. That is the reason why the concept of a capsule w...
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How Should You Decorate A Small Space?

The Blog was Posted on Oct 07 2021 by somnath
Urbanization has led to dense population in cities that has in turn led to shrinking of places. Families are mostly nuclear in here and hence they look for small and cozy houses that consist of all the basic amenities. Decorating a small space efficiently is always a much difficult task than decorating a big space because with small spaces you generally face a problem of cramming and yet you need ...
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The Blog was Posted on Sep 28 2021 by somnath
Have you ever been to a place and you just couldn’t look away? You wished to decorate your own space the exact way, which is where Interior designers come into play. Interior designing can be easily defined as an art that includes making your house a comfortable place to live in by adding various interior decorations in the form of patterns, designs, colors, gradients. Interior designers definit...
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How can Interior Design Course enhance the home decor skills of Housewives?

The Blog was Posted on Sep 03 2021 by somnath
Listed job-oriented course for housewives is interior designing. It is the course of study domain and gives the chance of the much-needed work assignments for married persons. Moreover, completing this course, you can choose freelancing inconvenient assignments. Housewives and mothers in India do house and home making from immemorial times. They have good knowledge from stuff finding to keep th...
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