Checkout Five Wardrobe Must Haves

The Blog was Posted on Jun 08 2020 by amrita
There are plenty of options of clothing for different events but there are some timeless basics that everyone needs to have in their wardrobe. Let’s have a look at the wardrobe must haves. Pair of Black Jeans: Jeans is one of the most loved and versatile bottom wear. And a pair of well fitted black jeans is all of us must have in our closet. From shirt to Kurti, a pair of black jeans can be ...
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Study Fashion Designing At INIFD Saltlake After 12th And See Yourself As A Successful Fashion Designer

The Blog was Posted on May 30 2020 by amrita
The world of fashion is the most glamorous and attractive one, which also offers an amazingly creative career option. Though the world is stuck at some point, but time is fluid, it’s never the same. So, whatever is happening, whatever the world is going through will pass someday no matter what. But what’s then? How to survive then? What to choose and what not to, after the pandemic gets over? ...
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Study Interior Designing After 12th at INIFD Saltlake and See Yourself As A Successful Interior Designer

The Blog was Posted on May 26 2020 by amrita
The world might be stuck, and in the process of healing itself, but our life cannot be stopped. Our study cannot be stopped, as studying hard is important to build up our career. This pandemic is becoming an obstacle for all of us, the aftereffect of the pandemic is undoubtedly going to be huge and it’s going to leave a mark in all of our lives. The entire world is going to face a huge economic ...
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Don’t Let The Pandemic Ruin Your Career, Prepare Yourself For The Bright Career In Designing

The Blog was Posted on May 02 2020 by amrita
Lockdown, quarantine these are the words we are dealing with every single day now. All are stuck at home and this is what the current situation of the country. No doubt locking ourselves down at home is the only way to beat the pandemic but what about our career? This hard time shall too pass someday but if we ignore our career right now, the opportunity might not come back. We live in an underde...
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Why Should You Choose Fashion Designing?

The Blog was Posted on Apr 04 2020 by amrita
The world of Fashion sounds so exciting, right? And who doesn’t love glamour and creativity? The world of fashion has it all. Fashion Designing is all about creating rather designing new clothing or accessories with various concepts. Designing needs creativity, innovation and most importantly passion, but these aren’t enough at all to become a successful designer in the future. The industry o...
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Exhibition At The Department Of Interior Designing of INIFD Saltlake

The Blog was Posted on Mar 23 2020 by amrita
The world is getting smaller day by day but we need to fit in properly. Shelter is one of our basic needs but what helps that shelter to turn into a home is interior. Interior designing is about designing rather turning a natural environment into a man-made space for better living experience. It is believed that it started with the Egyptian civilization. With the immense growth in industrial count...
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Have A Bright Career In Interior Designing After 12th

The Blog was Posted on Mar 12 2020 by amrita
Various options, various opportunities and a time full of confusion, yes this is the situation after 12th. Where to go and which path to choose are the common questions of the students and parents as well after 12th. Gone are those days when being a doctor or an engineer was the only way of having a successful career. Breaking all the stereotypes, innovative and unique career options are making a ...
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This Women’s Day Meet The Super Lady Of INIFD Saltlake!

The Blog was Posted on Mar 07 2020 by amrita
A thin graceful woman with eyes full of dreams and confidence, a retired nurse and an aspiring Fashion Designer of INIFD Saltlake. Yes, this is 70 years old Dipti Sen. A daughter, a wife, a mother with the urge of chasing her unfulfilled dream. A dream rather a passion that never let her sit and stop, it’s a passion that constantly made her think about pursuing her dream even at the age of 70. ...
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Have A Bright Career In Fashion Designing After 12th

The Blog was Posted on Mar 06 2020 by amrita
Higher-secondary exam plays a vital role in all of our lives. This is the time to choose the right path towards our dream career. Not everyone is into academics, some of the creative souls urge for a future full of innovation and creativity. For those with quite different career goal, the course of Fashion Designing is undoubtedly the best option to choose. Who doesn’t love glamour and creativi...
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Top 20 Fashion Trends Of 2020 You Can’t Miss!

The Blog was Posted on Mar 04 2020 by amrita
A New Year rather a new decade is here pals! And with hope and resolution, a new year brings new Fashion trends too. From Street style to reminiscing the Retro style, this year brings everything. Excited ladies? I know you all are, right? Let’s have a look at the list of Fashion trends that you shouldn’t miss ladies. 1) Polka Dots: Source: Loved those cute dresses with P...
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