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Exhibition At The Department Of Interior Designing of INIFD Saltlake

Mar 23 2020

The world is getting smaller day by day but we need to fit in properly. Shelter is one of our basic needs but what helps that shelter to turn into a home is interior. Interior designing is about designing rather turning a natural environment into a man-made space for better living experience. It is believed that it started with the Egyptian civilization. With the immense growth in industrial countries during the mid to late 19th century, the study of interior designing has been expanded.

The students of Interior Designing of INIFD Saltlake (the only A++ centre across India) celebrated the achievement of Yvonne Farrel and Shelly McNamara. The duo won the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The Pritzker Architecture Prize is awarded to the living talented architects who have produced some contribution to the world of architecture.

The world is in danger; it needs to be taken care with the usage of environmental friendly materials. And this is where Yvonne Farrel and Shelly McNamara focused on.

The exhibition held on 14th March at the campus of INIFD Saltlake arranged by the students of Interior Designing department. The talented students exhibited their sketches of some of the famous architectures all over the world and gave us briefs regarding their sketches.