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Fashion Trends of 2022

Jan 10 2022

2022 is here! So is new style trends. Despite being locked in pandemic, there is no hard and fast rule to not get dolled up. Even while laying around in home, we need to keep up with new things. There is a common saying that goes like, ‘New Year, New Me’ so is ‘New Year, New trends’. As we know, it’s been a bumpy road for all of us due to global lockdown, bust rest assured, 2022 style trends will arouse our senses.

‘Trends’ constantly go in and out of style. Age or gender should not be a factor to not keep up with trends. Every year demand for imaginative, fresh and inspiring styles are constant.

Here are few key fashion trends which will be in the limelight this year:

  • It’s all about comfort– Cozy and comfy are always in trend. Moreover, people do have a preference of comfortable garments due to work from home culture. Nowadays, a person’s closet is full of fancy sleepwear, silhouettes, leggings etc which look cozy yet stylish.
  • Bring Back the 90s – ‘Old is Gold’, a trend that is welcomed by all. Precisely, young generation are always after new and innovative things but at the same time they are highly interested in retro stuff. Slip dresses, tinted sunglasses, bomber jackets wore by millennial are back in fashion.
  • Play with Colours – Mixing and matching with colours can be tricky, but our youngsters aren’t afraid to experiment. It is unique and challenging at the same time. Suppose, pairing a navy blue pant with an orange blazer. Sounds, chic right?
  • Dark and Mystifying – As we are aware, GenZ are not afraid to display their creativity in various ways. ‘Goth Fashion’ is popular these days. The highlights of this style is black hair, dark clothing, dark lipstick, dark nail polish and exotic hairstyles. It defines mysterious, out of the ark and equivalent regardless of gender. Gothic fashion is also said to have a similar vibe like emo and heavy metal fashion.
  • Put your pearls on – In fair terms, pearls never go out of style. This classic ornament is timeless. Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist, this versatile jewellery can never disappoint you. Feel free to play with this gem and do not hesitate to mix them with other jewels and outfits.

The main focus of this term “trend” is to provide alluring and creative products to satisfy consumer demands. Renowned Fashion institutes of Kolkata like INIFD Saltlake train their students accordingly. They help their aspirants to receive proper guidance to develop an eye for analyzing and innovation.