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Ideas to feel cosy and look more Fashionable this Summer

May 29 2023

Get Ready! Summer is here; let’s not spoil our looks due to this unbearable hot & humid climate. Always keep in mind that if we want to be in the limelight then we should dress accordingly to the season. This summer let us take the initiative to look stylish in every possible way.
As days get warmer our pattern of clothing is getting changed, it’s high time to upgrade our wardrobe with fashionable summer essentials. In this climbing temperature, two things should be kept in mind. First is the fabric of the outfit and the second is the silhouette of the cloth.
This Summer be prepared to blow all minds with lasting fashion statements on any occasion by following some summer fashion rules given as follows:

a. Choose the right fabric: Summer is very bright but it is a little difficult to maintain a fresh look sometimes due to increasing humidity in the air. But we don’t really have to worry as we can carry a polished and fashionable look if we select fabrics cautiously. Natural fabrics such as cotton, and linen are the most breathable which helps to pass air to our skin and avoid excessive sweat.

b. Go for Loose fitting wear: During rising temperatures, we should always opt for loose-fitting outfits as it allows our body to breathe helping us to stay cool and feel less sweaty. Wearing loose cloth protects our skin from irritation and rashes. Wearing flowy clothes that float in the wind is the perfect way to stay cool and comfortable all through the summer.
c. Light-Coloured Clothing: Light-coloured outfits are preferred on summer days as these colours reflect heat. As light colours are not good absorbers of heat which helps our body to be cool. White is the most appropriate colour for summer temperatures.

d. Floral Prints: Spring and Summer demand lots of colourful dresses in our wardrobe. Floral prints can add a feminine touch to any outfit and help to create a fresh charming look on a bright sunny day. To feel comfortable and free, floral dresses are a must-have. Pairing floral print midi or long dress with high heels and stud earrings is the best option for evening parties.

e. Minimal accessories: Lots of accessories should be avoided as excessive jewellery may stick to our skin. We should choose one statement accessory like a hood earring or choker etc.

Hope these fashion tips are helpful! Enjoy summer days and be stylish but don’t compromise your comfort.