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INIFD Saltlake hosted its Annual Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition Explodia 2023

Feb 17 2023

INIFD Saltlake is the number one design institute network and a star in the world of fashion and interior design. This institute is awarded as a Platinum centre across the globe for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, industry-academic delivery, and 100% job placement assistance year after year.

INIFD Saltlake hosted its Annual Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition Explodia’23 at the campus from the 9th to 11th of February 2023. This year the theme of ‘Explodia’ was ‘Swadeshi’ our budding designers showcased the uniqueness and aesthetic values of every Indian culture through their design knowledge & creativity.

To make the essence of ‘Swadeshi’ more prominent in their works, our budding designers first did research on the theme thoroughly and then through their various innovative creations took us back to our roots and culture bringing back the golden days of our childhood. With numerous designs and artworks, they revived our ‘Indian Art & Culture’ where Indian craftsmanship and spirit are highlighted. Keeping in mind the theme of ‘Swadeshi’ they took their inspirations from traditional culture and concepts of India some of them are ’baithakkhana’, ‘rasoi’, ‘lokoghatas’, ‘chhad’.

Explodia 2023 is graced by many eminent and notable personalities. We feel very fortunate that famous celebrity designer Abhishek Roy has inaugurated the event. Two talented tollywood celebrities Anirban Bhattacharya and Priyanka Sarkar graced the event with their presence and presented awards to our most deserving budding designers.

Our student designers exhibited 16 collections of Lifestyle Accessories and Garments inspired by various Indian concepts:

  1. Stairs to Death: This collection took us back to the journey of winning freedom by defeating the vicious dominance of British rule. Through its modern silhouette, the British essence was brimming. The grey and white hues of the garment depicted the strong determination of the uncrowned heroes of India for swaraj.
  2. Jalsha Mahal: This collection through its rich hand-embroidered gave us glimpses of the art and architecture of Baithakkhana.
  3. Alinda: This collection is influenced by the concept ‘chhad’ (terrace) which used to turn into a place of joy in our childhood days in winter afternoons and summer evenings.
  4. Pak shala: This collection is inspired by the kitchens of India. This section of the collection was ornamented with embroideries of brown and yellow threads on tussar and matka silk giving the essence of unmindful stains of spices and crude utensils, which are common in a kitchen scenario.
  5. Shamam Sarovar: This collection is influenced by the concept of ‘Jheel beautifully ornamented with florals patches and hues.
  6. Bagh-e-noor: This collection is inspired by ‘Charbagh’ beautiful hand embroidered on rich silks and cotton that took us back to our roots of diversity, and cultural integration.
  7. Beparwah Bahar: With dark hues and detailed embroideries this collection took us back to the joyful evening of ‘Mela’.
  8. Saanjh Ghat: This collection is influenced by the bright and gorgeous hues of the day’s most beautiful time, i.e. ‘Dusk’.
  9. Wounded Birds: The motive behind this collection is to make us realize the vision of a bird in a cage.
  10. House of Uncanny: This collection created a horror and mysterious ambiance through hues, fabrics, and designs.
  11. Grab the Scrap: Here our budding designers focused on the concept of recycling things for reuse.
  12. Naturehop: This collection depicted the colourful side of nature.
  13. Lok Gatha: This collection is influenced by various indigenous folklore.
  14. Andar Mahal: With its traditional designs this collection gave us a hint of the traditional architecture of ‘AndarMahal’.
  15. Riwayat: Through royal drapes and high ornamentation this collection gave us a glimpse of rich old traditional designs.
  16. Rasoi: Our budding fashion designers took inspiration for this collection from the Indian ‘Rasoi’(Kitchen). Through their collection and artworks, the perfect atmosphere of Indian ‘Rasoi’ has been created.

In short, the Annual Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition Explodia’23 of INIFD Saltlake has been a grand success where budding fashion designers unleash their hidden talents through innovations and dedication.