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INIFD Saltlake Students Showcasing Garments At New york Fashion Week 2022

Mar 31 2022

INIFD Saltlake has always set its standard in many ways. From domestic to global, they have always chosen the best of the best for their aspirants. Our elite students showcased their exclusive ‘HAUTE COUTURE’ in NEWYORK FASHION WEEK. We wholeheartedly congratulate our students for bringing another feather in the cap.

After choosing the right courses, they have enhanced their skills. While learning about different topics and other things, they did not have any idea as to when they have unconsciously enhanced and upgraded their imagination power, creativity, skills, and sense of fashion.

After learning and spending a great amount of time on everything, the students have learned a lot of things about the world of fashion designing. They have learned to use their unique style and sense of fashion to create new trends, styles, and outfits. Moreover, they have used the teachings of these courses to improve their skills and enhance their talent even more.

They have worked unbelievably hard. Their hard work and dedication are out of anyone’s imagination. They have worked day and night on various designs and styles. Their hard work and dedication reflect their passion and it’s very impressive.

After so many days of hard work and consistency, they successfully showcased nine of their garments in NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. This is the result of their unbelievable dedication and desire for what they are aiming for.

INIFD Saltlake wishes ‘ALL THE BEST’ to our talented students for their immense efforts. This is a wonderful moment for all of us. Their hard work, consistency, and passions will never fail to impress us and make us feel proud.