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The Top Basics every Wardrobe needs

Oct 21 2021

No matter how diverse your wardrobe is you will still need some basics that you can mix and match with other clothes to create something new, it gives you a scope to experiment with your look. You may choose to dress up simple, the basics will always save your day. You should always invest your money in clothes that you can wear on a routine basis. That is the reason why the concept of a capsule wardrobe has become so prevalent nowadays.

The basics that everybody needs in their wardrobe are:

  1. White Shirt or Black Shirt- These solid colors have the ability to make anybody look good. You can pair them up with jeans, trousers or skirts.
  2. Jeans- A pair of jeans can most definitely help you survive on an island. They are extremely comfortable and could be paired up with almost everything.
  3. Tank Tops- You can take up any dull trouser and a blazer and add a tank top against it and you have an amazing look set right in front of you.
  4. Denim jacket- Denims are a staple in every wardrobe. You can easily wear it on a breezy summer day or wear it with a dress at night, it’s a fit for all your seasons.
  5. Light Cardigan- This can serve as a good layering and easily serves as a staple look for fall. This could be worn over shirts or under blazers making it wearable on both formal and informal occasions.
  6. Black Trousers- A well-fitted black pair of trousers is essential in your wardrobe. It accentuates your look and makes you fit for any occasion.
  7. Leather Jackets- A leather jacket can never go out of style one can dress it up or dress it down and will last you a long time making it an economic purchase.
  8. Classic sunglasses- Investing in a cat-eye or aviator or a rectangular frame is always considered wise because they are classics they will never go out of fashion and they will last a lifetime.
  9. White sneakers- We can’t be making a list of basics and not include white sneakers they are the building block for any wardrobe. These shoes are known to instantly sharpen your look.

Due to the changing times and the lack of space everybody is shifting towards capsule wardrobes, they weed out the non-essentials and take away the stress of going through a pile of clothes to choose from. Designers should learn to design clothes that look basic, here at INIFD Saltlake we teach our aspiring designers to be efficient and design according to the changing trends