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Top 20 Fashion Trends Of 2020 You Can’t Miss!

Mar 04 2020

A New Year rather a new decade is here pals! And with hope and resolution, a new year brings new Fashion trends too. From Street style to reminiscing the Retro style, this year brings everything. Excited ladies? I know you all are, right?

Let’s have a look at the list of Fashion trends that you shouldn’t miss ladies.

1) Polka Dots:

Loved those cute dresses with Polka Dots, right? Yes, we all did. See yourself on those cute polka dotted dresses this year once again. From tops to dresses add dots with a modern touch this year.

2) Fringe Mania:

Who doesn’t love Fringes? Bring on your Boho vibe this year by adding lot of fringes. From dresses to bags, add fringes everywhere.

3) Shiny Leathers:

Bring on the shine ladies, shine bright this year. Pair up shiny metallic leathers especially the silver ones and shine bright.

4) The Marigold:

Love yellow and Gold? Let’s balance both and go for the marigold this 2020.

5) Ruffles:


Don’t be sad if you missed the 80’s ruffled style because 2020 is here to give you the chance to flaunt yourself in ruffled tops and dresses.

6) Crochet:


Did you forget about those beautiful handmade crochets? Don’t! It’s time to pair up those. Bring on your feminine side and relive the old days wearing crochets with a modern touch just like the old wine in new bottle!

7) Oh So Vibrant!


This new decade definitely demands some vibrance. And what can be more vibrant than neon colors? Cover up yourself totally in vibrant neon or just add dash of neon by carrying a neon purse or hat.

8) Bermudas:


Who said you can’t wear Bermudas at the workplace? This year rock the corporate look with formal business Bermudas. Opt for dark colored Bermudas at the workplace.

9) Bra Tops:


Forget your crop tops and show the world your sexy avatar by wearing bra tops. For the ultimate feminine look pair up your bra top with midi skirt or go for bra tops with long jackets for the casual street look.

10) Puffed Sleeves:


Add some puffs and revive this year’s look and let everyone focus more on your shoulders. So, ladies go for some trendy puffed sleeves this year and add some volume to your shoulders.

11) Waistcoats:


Classy Waistcoats are again on trend, so ladies go for some classy tailor made waistcoats for your ideal workplace look.

12) Wrap The Ankle:\


This year wrap up your ankles with the Lacey warp around sandals. Wrapped up sandals can be a big hit during your summer vacations.

13) The Disco Collar:


Bring back your disco avatar because Disco collars are back in 2020. So, get party ready by adding these collars to your coats or jackets and rock your weekend girls.

14) Oh So Hot!


Don’t forget about the all time favourite hot pants because this year demands hotness. So wear those hot pants and bring on some hot as hell vibe!

15) Tired Dresses:


Want to see yourself on the Gala Look? Go for Tired dresses. Tired dresses are never out of fashion. From Maxi Skirt to Dress there’s a huge variety. Light Tired dresses add volume and drama as well!

16) Retro Prints:


Prints are never out of fashion. This year is all about retro vibes. So go for the retro yet quirky prints ladies. Wear something with patterns and abstract prints.

17) Feathers:


Remember retro actresses flaunting feathers? This year is all about flaunting those again. You can opt for some tops or dresses with cool feather detailing this year.

18) Vests:


A well vested look is always appreciated and this year is no exception. Pair up some subtle vests with blazer for a classy corporate look and go for some leather vests or buttoned ones for a cool and sexy look.

19) Leather On Spring:


Enjoy this colorful spring with some colorful leathers as a piece of leather makes you stand out always. Though leathers on spring sound quite odd but some brands are coming with some light and colorful leathers for your carefree spring look.

20) Florals:


How can we forget floral prints, right? There’s always a soft corner for floral prints. So, this spring bring on your feminine side with some pretty floral prints.

Stay fashionable always, Happy 2020. Byeee..